Meet the Team

The UBI4ALL Team is from several countries of the European Union. In the course of starting the European Citizens' Initiative we asked ourselves how Unconditional Basic Income touches other people in other countries. So we set up the UBI4ALL raffle in order to check out the effects of Basic Income throughout Europe.

Ana Catarina Neves
Newsletter & Social Media
Portugal. Is a PhD student in Philosophy at University of Minho, Braga Portugal, studying the philosophical justification for implementing an Unconditional Basic Income. She is also a Teaching Assistant at Nova School of Business and Economics in Lisbon.
Helwig Fenner
Initiator & Project Manager
Germany. Helped building Mein Grundeinkommen up which raffles off Basic Income regularly. With his wife and 4 kids he lives in Germany in the rural region of Uckermark.

Robin Ketelaars 
Lives in the northern part of The Netherlands with his wife and daughter. Has ben active for a few decades with basic income. Was also webadmin for the ECI-UBI in 2013. Currently full time basic income webmaster.

Roswitha Minardi
Blog & Social Media
Austria. Lives in a picturesque village 60 kms south of Vienna. She spent many years in management levels of international corporates and now works as a systemic consultant. She also is passionately engaged in the ubi-movement since several years. Roswitha also holds the position of the chapter president of EWMD Linz, Austria (European Women’s Management Development). 
Willem Gielingh
Network & Public RelationS
Netherlands. Is a Realistic Idealist and did see first sun light in September 1950, progeny: 2 kids and 2 grand children. His engagement is in Basic Care (social, road safety, political, civil society).
Sandra Vahle
Managing Director & Marketing
Germany, Dortmund. Marketing and social media expert owning an agency. Sandra studied Business Management and has job experiences in big international companies. She loves dogs and kids and wine and BVB football club. 
Evita Paraskevopoulou
Social Media & Graphics

Greece. I lived in Athens all my 46 years. With my husband have two amazing kids and we love to teach them solidarity and companionship. I am member of the Humanist Movement since 2004 and photojournalist for International News Agency for Peace and Non Violence Pressenza. The last years I was working for NGOs with humanitarian status, in the communication field mostly.

Special thank to Sandra, Flo Fuse, Georg, Edda, all national coordinators and activists of the European Citizens' Initiative for a UBI 2020-2022, the team of Mein Grundeinkommen and all donators who enabled this project.