Frequently Asked Questions

What is “UBI4ALL”?

UBI4ALL is a Dutch non-profit organisation that – in cooperation with the team of the European Citizens’ Initiative for an Unconditional Basic Income (ECI-UBI) 2020/2021 – crowdfunds and raffles off annual Unconditional Basic Incomes (UBI) of maximum €800 per month. The UBI4ALL organisation was founded in August 2020 especially for this purpose. The team of UBI4ALL consists of Basic Income activists from several European countries who all are also involved in the ECI-UBI.

Why are we doing this?

The Basic Income Raffle is part of the European Citizens’ Initiative for Unconditional Basic Income (ECI-UBI) 2020-2021. The ECI-UBI initiative’s goal is to gather 1 million signatures throughout Europe, to push the UBI agenda. Once the target goal is reached, both the European Commission and the EU Parliament will have to decide on what action to take regarding UBI. The Basic Income Raffle is a joint initiative whose goal is to spread awareness on the economic and social benefits of UBI for those who receive it and their surroundings. By participating in the Basic Income Raffle people get acquainted with UBI, and decide to take part in signing the ECI-UBI. By doing so, we will all be a step closer in implementing Basic Income throughout Europe!

Can I participate in the project?

Yes, please! We encourage people from all over Europe to take part in our regular raffles at UBI4ALL and support our project. Therefore, we make an effort to present our Raffle website in your preferred European language.

How can I participate in the raffle?

Just 2 steps to participate the raffle of one year Unconditional Basic Income of €800 per month:
Fill in the raffle registration form. No charge.
Go to our Raffle Website and fill in the registration form for the raffle. In order to avoid duplicate registrations you need to fill in your email, name, birth date and resident country exactly as on your ID card.
The registration is free, without any charge.
Please note that only EU residents – regardless of which nationality – aged minimum16 years are eligible to participate in the raffle.
Confirm raffle registration.
Once you click the “Participate the Raffle” button below the raffle registration we send you a confirmation email. Please look in your mailbox (if so Spam filter) and confirm your registration.

After confirmed registration: What’s next?

Every time we have funded €9.600 (which equals one year UBI) we send you emails informing you about the date of the raffle event and your batch number. We also mention the raffle date on our website.
You can find out whether you won by watching our livestream on the day of the raffle. If you won, we will inform you via email shortly after.
Every EU resident – regardless of which nationality – aged minimum16 years is eligible to participate in the raffle.

Do I have to pay tax on the UBI winning and report it to the authorities?

Mostly each EU country has different laws regarding tax. In some countries one does not have to pay tax on the UBI winning, in some it is taxed flat, in some it is taxed proportionally to your income. In the case you win the UBI we can escort you on this question especially regarding your country’s laws. But we are sure that it is worthwhile in every case.
Normally, one does not have to report the UBI winning. There are some special situations, e.g. when you receive governmental social benefits, in which one has to report it. But please note that the UBI winning is without any conditions anyway and so might be worthwhile. We offer to escort you in the case you win.

How can I support the project?

There are many ways to support us. If you wish to donate to our project, please use the donation payment section on our website [LINK] or just the bank transfer details:
For a donation receipt please ask our treasurer@ubi4all.eu.
Our aim is to spur the European discussion and motivate you to talk about UBI with as many people as possible. You can support us by asking your family and friends: What would you change in your life if you get a UBI? We promise, you will get inspiring answers and very interesting discussions.
Please share our Raffle website as well as the ECI-UBI signature Website [LINK] via social media channels, WhatsApp, other messengers or just via email to your family and friends.

How is this project financed?

By donations only! All team members work honorary, without getting a salary for their work. The donations are split into two pots. The bulk of the donations flow into the Basic Income we raffle off. The remaining part of donations covers our costs like IT tools and fees, mailing provider, bank and payment fees, legal and tax costs and others.

What is an Unconditional Basic Income?

In our raffle we define a European Basic Income as an amount of € 800 per month. This amount is approximately the average at risk-of-poverty line in Europe. Each person who wins, receives a monthly transfer directly to their bank account for the duration of one year, receiving € 9600 in total. All EU residents aged minimum 16 years are allowed to participate in our raffle.
In general, throughout the European UBI network we agreed that Unconditional Basic Income is defined by four aspects:

  • Enough for living and for cultural and social participation

  • For every single person

  • Enforceable as a human right

  • No strings attached

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