Here are the persons involved

UBI4ALL is a foundation staged in The Netherlands. Specially founded for handling the money which involves the Raffle and also for funding the ECI-UBI 2020.


Willem Gielingh, Netherlands is a Realistic Idealist and did see first sun light in September 1950, progeny: 2 kids and 2 grand children.
His engagement is in Basic Care (social, road safety, political, civil society)

Fun fact: heavily in love


Marten Kramer, Netherlands, is from november 1954 and is married, has 4 kids and 2 grand children. His engagement is about sustainable energy and sustainable social development

Fun fact: Cooking and longdistance walks

Initiator & Campaining

Helwig Fenner helped building Mein Grundeinkommen up which raffles off Basic Income regularly. With his wife and up to 4 kids he lives in Germany in the region of Uckermark.

Fun fact: 3 years ago I jumped from the 5 meter spring-board disguised as kingfisher bird. It was the most ridiculous moment in my life but I won a price.

Social Media

Ana Catarina Neves, Portugal is a PhD student in Philosophy at University of Minho, Braga Portugal, studying the philosophical justification for implementing an Unconditional Basic Income. She is also a Teaching Assistant at Nova School of Business and Economics in Lisbon

Fun fact: had a rock band for 4 years


Paul Ettl, Austria, age 65, married, 1 daughter, 2 grandsons; for 35 years self-employed in IT, founder and director of the Peace Academy Linz ( , since 10 years engaged in the project "Economy for the common good" . Founder of the "Association for the promotion of the basic income idea" (

Fun fact: My hobby is model railroading (


Roswitha Minardi is living in a picturesque village 60 kms south of Vienna, Austria. she spent many years in management levels of international corporates and now works as a systemic consultant. she also is passionately engaged in the ubi-movement since several years. she also holds the position of the chapter presiden of EWMD Linz, Austria (European Women's Management Development). 

Fun fact: being a grandma of two lovely boys she takes her educational tasks very seriously and teaches her grandsons all kind of nonsense as well as a feministic view on the world. 


Robin Ketelaars lives in the northern part of The Netherlands with his wife an daughter. Has ben active for a few decades with basic income. Was also webadmin for the ECI-UBI in 2013. Currently full time basic income webmaster.

Fun fact: Also living with a flock of chickens, 3 cats and has a foodforest. Is an early adoptor for energy free living. Tin foil hat user - LOL.

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