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Win an Unconditional Basic Income (UBI)
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34.220 people throughout Europe want to experience Basic Income.

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Now we are collecting for the fourth
European Basic Income.

Why are we doing this?

Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) promise freedom and secureness for everybody. But there are many questions. We want to find out what happens when people get UBI for one year. Win and check it out.

How can I participate?

Register by filling in a form with your email and some personal data. No charge. We keep the data safe.

How will I know if I am a UBI winner?

Once a UBI for one year (9600€) is raised through our crowdfunding you will get your winning number and the date of the raffle. We raffle off the UBI in a livestream and publish the winning number on our website and in the newsletter. Beside register for the raffle, you can also support our crowdfunding campaign.

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To participate in the raffle you just need to be a resident of Europe, aged 16 years minimum – regardless which nationality.

Once an Unconditional Basic Income for one year is raised (9600€) you will get your winning number and the date of the raffle. Please fill in the form with information exactly as given in your ID card. We need it to confirm your identity in case you win the UBI.

Participation in the raffle is free of charge. We keep your data safe.

You will receive an e-mail. Please confirm your participation by clicking the confirmation button in the e-mail.

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We check out Basic Income for Europe

The UBI4ALL team is from several countries of the European Union. In the course of starting a European Citizens' Initiative we asked ourselves how Unconditional Basic Income might impact other people in other countries. So we set up the UBI4ALL raffle in order to check out its effects.

Financed by all of us – the citizens of the Europe

We do not wait for governments' decisions. We do not want to ask millionaires to finance it. We just fund Basic Income by ourselves. Join our crowdfunding!

Once 9600€ is raised we raffle it off and pay out 800€ per month. No strings attached! So people can test UBI for one year and tell us about its impact.
Why 800€ per month? Because it is roughly the medium poverty line in Europe.

  • Independently raised by thousands of citizens
  • non-party Initiative
  • Pan-European instead of national view only

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Any Questions? Need Help?

See the most asked questions

What is UBI4ALL?

UBI4ALL is a European non-profit organisation founded in 2020. Its goal is to let people experience Basic Income in real life and so enrich the public debates about UBI. Furthermore, UBI4ALL advocates for UBI as a human right which shall erase poverty, reduce stress and enable more time for innovation and caring for people and nature.

The project was built up in cooperation with the team of the European Citizens’ Initiative for an Unconditional Basic Income (ECI-UBI) 2020-2022. It was inspired by Mein Grundeinkommen which raffles off Basic Income very successfully in the German speaking countries. The team of UBI4ALL consists of Basic Income activists from several European countries working honorary. The legal entity behind UBI4ALL is the German non-profit organisation EBI Politische Teilhabe in Europa gemeinnützige UG.

Why are you doing this?

UBI4ALL is a European non-profit organisation founded in 2020. Its goal is to let people experience Basic Income in real life and so enrich the public debates about UBI. Furthermore, UBI4ALL advocates for UBI as a human right which shall erase poverty, reduce stress and enable more time for innovation and caring for people and nature.

Can I participate in the project?

Yes, please! We encourage people from all over Europe to take part in our regular raffles at UBI4ALL (to participate, you have to be a European citizen aged 16 minimum) and support our project in your surroundings and on social media. Therefore, we make an effort to present our Website in your preferred European language. 

Also, if you like to help by becoming a team member please write us to info@ubi4all.eu.

How can I participate in the raffle?

Just 2 steps to participate in the raffle of one year Unconditional Basic Income of €800 per month:
1. Fill in the raffle registration form. Go to our Website and fill in the registration form for the raffle. In order to avoid duplicate registrations you need to fill in your email, name, birth date and resident country exactly as on your ID card. The registration is free, without any charge.
Please note that only residents from Europe – regardless of which nationality – aged minimum16 years are eligible to participate in the raffle.
2. Confirm raffle participation. Once you click the “Register for the UBI raffle” button below the raffle registration form we send you a confirmation email. Please look in your mailbox (if so, Spam filter) and confirm your registration.

After confirmed registration: What’s next?

Every time we have funded €9.600 (which equals one year UBI) we send you emails informing you about the date of the raffle event and your batch number. We also mention the raffle date on our website.
You can find out whether you won by watching our livestream on the day of the raffle. If you won, we will inform you via email shortly after.

Can someone win the UBI two times?

No. One person is only eligible to win one UBI. Therefore, everytime we are able to reach €9.600 (which equals one year UBI) we will exclude the winners of the past.

What is an Unconditional Basic Income?

Unconditional Basic Income is a monthly payment to each citizen guaranteed by the government. Throughout the European UBI network it is defined by four aspects:
– Enough for living and social participation
– For every single person
– Enforceable as a human right
– No strings attached

Sometimes it is also called Universal Basic Income. We see the UBI as a paradigm shift that will transform our societies for the future by separating income and employment. We see it as a human right and it should be as self-evident as health insurance for everyone.

In the UBI4ALL raffle a European Basic Income is defined by an amount of € 800 per month. This amount is approximately the average at risk-of-poverty line in Europe.

How will I know if I won the UBI?

If you win we will contact you promptly by email. Please make sure that our emails do not end up in the SPAM filter.

Additionally, you can register for our newsletter easily. From time to time the newsletter informs you about the next raffle date, the results of the raffle and news from the UBI4ALL. We raffle off Basic Income transparently by sending a livestream. You will get the livestream link on our newsletter and on our social media channels.

Do I have to pay tax on the UBI winning and report it to the authorities?

Mostly each country has different laws regarding tax. In some countries one does not have to pay tax on the UBI winning, in some it is taxed flat, in some it is taxed proportionally to your income. In the case you win the UBI we can escort you on this question especially regarding your country’s laws. But we are sure that it is worthwhile in every case.
Normally, one does not have to report the UBI winning. There are some special situations, e.g. when you receive governmental social benefits, in which one has to report it. But please note that the UBI winning is without any conditions anyway and so might be worthwhile. We offer to escort you in the case you win.

How can I support the project?

There are many ways to support us. If you wish to donate to our project, please use our donation page or just use the bank transfer details:
EBI Politische Teilhabe in Europa gUG
IBAN: DE39 4265 1315 0000 0948 47
For a donation receipt please ask on info@ubi4all.eu.
Our aim is to spur the European discussion and motivate you to talk about UBI with as many people as possible. You can support us by asking your family and friends: What would you change in your life if you get a UBI? We promise, you will get inspiring answers and very interesting discussions.
Please share our Raffle website via social media channels, WhatsApp, other messengers or just via email to your family and friends.

How is this project financed?

By donations only! All team members work honorary, without getting a salary for their work. The donations are split into two pots. The bulk of the donations flow into the Basic Income we raffle off. The remaining part of donations covers our costs like IT tools and fees, mailing provider, bank and payment fees, legal and tax costs and others.

How do you ensure that there is no cheating?

In the participating form you have to fill in your first name, last name, birth date and resident country exactly as in your ID card. If you win the UBI you have to show us your ID card, we check the data and we also check the picture. So no cheating is possible.